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The A Team is a Non Profit Organisation founded by team coach John Claude Maphosa. The A Team is established with a multi-purpose. It seeks to develop individuals who want to follow an amateur or professional career in sports. The A Team is also involved in community building through sports development.

The A Team is the proud organizer of the Annual Soweto Petrus Molefe Eco Park Bodybuilding Event, which gives a platform to community members from Soweto to compete in a bodybuilding events. The Event also comprises a ‘healthy living’ component, which gives exposure to an alternative healthy lifestyles for individuals at all levels of fitness and body weight.

The A Team also engages in motivational speaking in townships, such as in Alexandra. The motivational talks are geared to inspire the youth to stay focused and not give up on their dreams whether it be in fitness education, modelling, dancing, or bodybuilding.

Make Changes in some one life

Every child deserves a better life

Education for all

Support our Seniors

We support our elders through sport as the boxing grannies we love care and spent time with them .Give them what they might not have be it financial support food emotional

Science Program

Future Engineers program Introduction Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education is something that is critically lacking in our nation’s public school systems. In a globally competitive economy, employers of all shapes and sizes are increasingly seeking workers skilled in science, technology, engineering, and math. Supply is low and demand is high. There is a mismatch between projected future jobs requiring these skills and the projected supply of qualified workers to fill them. Engineering for Kids seeks to be a major part of the solution to this problem by fostering these skills in young children. Our vision is for every kid to discover what engineers do and explore what opportunities are available to them in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math fields. Inspiring the Next Generation of Engineers Engineering For Kids brings science, technology, engineering, and math, to kids ages 4 to 19 in a fun and challenging way through classes, camps, clubs, and parties. We are proud to inspire children to build on their natural curiosity by teaching engineering concepts through hands-on learning. Engineering is, after all, one of the fastest growing industries in the world!

Boxing Grannies

A team boxing grannies from 60 years and above

Youth Sports Academy A team & Rovers F.C

OBJECTIVES • To support the psycho-social rehabilitation of children and youth in earthquake-affected areas by providing sports and games to help channel frustration and fear. • To use sport and games to promote fair play and teamwork, laying the foundation for peaceful and respectful social integration and interaction. • To use play activities as a platform from which to provide education on health issues such as drug prevention, violence and HIV and AIDS. • To provide positive leisure activities to facilitate the return to a “normal” existence. • To contribute to best practices and generate lessons learned by monitoring and evaluating program impacts through regular reporting by coaches and periodic surveys with participants

Charity supported Programs


OBJECTIVES • To improve community health and strengthen control and detection of five major infectious diseases by providing accessible health education through sports and games. • To promote healthy child development among migrant and local populations through physical activity. • To empower youth and adult Burmese and volunteers to lead health promotion activities and games. • To mobilize communities into action, encouraging further integration into the national health care system and active involvement in their own health care.

Care for the Elderly physical challenged fatherless and homeless

Training physical Challenged


To implement regular sport and play activities focused on healthy, holistic child development, specifically for children with disabilities. • To build the capacity of special education teachers to run sport and play activities that disseminate health information, enhance fine and gross motor skills, and foster healthy emotional development, good hygiene and other important life skills. • To promote the importance of physical activities and fun for children with disabilities

Supporting Quality

Campaigning for change


Foster Care

Early Child hood program me

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